Creator, Executive Producer: Amber Hood

Producer: Michael Diaz

Illustrations: Bill Greenhead

Voice Director: Kris Zimmerman

Voiceover Talent: SBV Talent

Recorded at Mai Tai Studios, Kevin Cleland

App Developer: OCG Studios

Literary Agent: The Coppage Company

Story Editing: Roger Scott

Liberty’s Theme song: Hope Levy & Terry Sampson

Layout design:

“Next Adventure: Kansas!” exclaims, Liberty. Everyones favorite freckled faced explorer is back in World of Liberty’s adventure 3! When Liberty goes to the Smithsonian, she discovers her new hero, the brave aviatrix Amelia Earhart! Liberty wants to know more!

Her and her friends head to Kansas and are amazed and inspired by all of Amelia’s achievements. There they meet a new friend named Bessie! Bessie tells them about Amelia’s “Goodwill Flight” to Mexico which points Liberty in it’s direction!

There they discover an international connection to another famous female pioneer in her field, Frida Kahlo! Come on and join this adventurous group for some high-flying fun!

Paintings, Planes, and Pioneers!

Liberty explores the state of

Kansas and the country of Mexico!

Amber Hood
BJ Ward
Lara Jill Miller
Peter Jason
Roger Scott
Nancy Linari



Amber Hood

Liberty Lane






Lara Jill Miller







Roger Scott

Story Teller





Rob Paulsen

John Lane







Kris Zimmerman

Ms. Marigold

Hope Levy



BJ Ward







Peter Jason







Nancy Linari

Jackie Lane





Anna Graves







Hope Levy

Lyrics and Lead Vocals

also voiced -

Mei Li and Caimito



This adventure is dedicated to

Country connection - Pioneers of History!

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